Features & Specs

Brickweb is designed for quick and easy do-it-yourself installation and goes on like tile. Brickweb starts with a high quality real clay brick, slices off a ½ inch surface and fastens 12 brick veneers to a fiberglass mesh sheet for easy installation with perfect alignment and spacing. Simply apply adhesive to virtually any surface and press the Brickweb sheets into place. Finish with a mortar or grout and you are done. You can apply a sealant, a German smear or finish as painted brick. Matching brick corners are available for outside wall edges.

  • Do-it-Yourself brick décor installs as quickly and easily as a tile backsplash
  • Easy alignment and leveling for perfect margins and cuts with tile cutter or grinder
  • Quick, simple installation 12 bricks at a time over most surfaces with simple preparation
  • Brick veneer installs over an adhesive coat and can be finished as painted brick
  • Brickweb flat sheets, 60 bricks 7-5/8” x 2-1/4” x ½” pre-fastened on 5 fiberglass sheets for indoor and outdoor use
  • Brickweb corners, 24 bricks 7-5/8” x 2-1/4” x ½” pre-fastened on fiberglass corner sheets

Brickweb Flats come 12 bricks per sheet, 5 sheets to a box for total coverage of 1.74 sq. ft. per sheet, and 8.7 sq. ft. per box.

Brickweb Corners come 8 bricks per sheet, 3 sheets to a box for total coverage of 1.76 lineal ft. per sheet, and 5.3 lineal ft. per box. Generally projects with corners require a ratio of 90% sheets to 10% corners. Be sure to calculation the amount of brick products you will require.

Colonial Loose brick flat brick can be combined with Brickweb by color name. Loose brick come in boxes of 50 bricks measuring 2-1/4” x 7-5/8 x 1/2”. Brick sizes vary slightly due to the cutting process.

Colonial loose brick corners come in boxes of 25 measuring 2-1/4” x 7-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 1/2”.