Calculating Product Coverage


Old Mill Brickweb is packaged as follows:

  • Flats: 8.7 square feet per box (5 sheets 28” x 10.5”)
  • Corners: 5.3 linear feet per box (3 sheets 21” x 7.625”)

Calculating how much product you will need

Calculate the amount of Old Mill Brickweb thin brick you’ll need for your project by following these steps:

  • Measure the width and height of all areas to be covered. Multiply width by height to determine the total square footage of the surface area. Subtract the area of any windows and doors in the wall.
  • Outside corners use special corner thin bricks which give the appearance of full depth brick (vs. inside corners, which just use flat brick veneer butted together). Estimate the corners required by measuring the total length of the 90 degree outside wall corners to be covered. This will equal the number of linear feet of corners needed. For example, the linear feet of the corners would include all of the 90 degree outside corners in the project measured from floor to ceiling (or ground to roof) and added together. If you have two corners in your project with a length of 10 feet each, you will have 20 linear feet of corners.
  • Since the outside corner bricks will cover some of the flat surfaces, you will subtract 75% of the corner calculation from the total square footage calculation. To do this, multiply the linear feet of corners by .75 then subtract the sum from the total square footage. This is the actual needed total square footage of flat brick veneer.



Width of wall: 15 feet

Height of wall: 10 feet

Length of corners (2): 20 feet = total linear feet of corners needed


  • Multiply Width x Height: 15 x 10 = 150 square feet
  • Multiply 75% x length of corners to be covered: .75 x 20 = 15
  • Subtract (2) from (1): 150 - 15 = 135 total square feet of flats needed

Note: It is recommended to over estimate all materials by 5-10% to account for breakage, cuts, waste, etc.


Use this calculator to determine the total square feet of flats needed:


0 boxes brick flats
0 boxes brick corners